Alpine is home in Bergen County and is considered a borough with a population of 1,849 according to the US 2010 Census. Those that call Alpine home love the idea that Forbes in 2012 ranked their zip code as the most expensive in the United States with an average price of $4.25 million. Along with being the most expensive zip code in the US, it also received the 15th best place to live in “Best Places to Live” in New Jersey in 2008.

Residents of Alpine are not too worried about earthquakes or tornadoes as they rarely occur but natural disasters are still known to occur in Bergen County. The average of natural disasters in Bergen County is 20 in recent years, which is higher than that of the United States average with is 12. Due to the natural disasters such as storms, heavy rains, and hurricanes, residents must be aware that waterproofing the sub-levels of their home, cellars, and basements is one of the utmost important things to do.

Damage from Natural Disasters

Everyone homeowner understands that storms can cause all kinds of damage to the exterior of our homes, but many just believe that pumping the water out of the basement and doing a bit of clean up is all that needs done. This is far from the truth. Standing water against outside the home or in the basements of our homes are often the areas that get the worst damage of all. Of course, we can see damage that is on the walls, floors and ceilings and begin cleaning. The problem is we cannot see the bacteria, mold, and other fungi that are in cracks, crevices, and behind walls in the areas hit the hardest with standing water.

Even the exterior of the home can receive damage as the water can lead to foundation problems. This water can cause the earth around the home to erode which places undue pressure on the foundation leaving cracks or it allows mold to grow. It takes a professional company to be able to locate and eradicate mold and other harmful debris from our homes after catastrophes that leave standing water in our homes. One such company in Alpine is Affordable Waterproofing.

Local Resources in Alpine

It is very important that you learn about the local laws and permits you need if your home needs repair, such as the building department, learn more about the zoning map, and stay up to date with Alpine emergency alert system.

Waterproofing Experts

In Alpine, it is important that you have a professional team that can determine the damage that water has done to your home from the interior to the exterior as well as remove the water, clean, and repair your home. Affordable Waterproofing is so sure of the work they perform they offer a 100% guarantee. The company is trusted throughout the area for providing the most care as well as experience to complete any projects in a timely manner.