Do you have a wet basement? Do you live in Bergen County, NJ?

Let Affordable Waterproofing help.

Because we utilize the most modern methods in basement waterproofing, we have become the most reliable and affordable waterproofing company in Bergen County, NJ. Our experts are skilled in knowing what makes Bergen County homes  – and their water issues – unique. Look no further than Affordable Waterproofing, LLC, for all your basement waterproofing in Bergen County.

The Right Waterproofing Solution For Your Bergen County Basement

There are a number of reasons why your Bergen County basement might be wet, especially since the area is prone to flooding. We have an affordable solution for each problem, no matter how large or small. Our comprehensive ranges of reliable and affordable services include:

Basement Waterproofing

Full basement waterproofing is one of our hallmark services for Bergen County homes. We combine a number of techniques to provide your basement with long-lasting dryness.

Structural Repairs

We provide a full range of structural repairs to reverse previous water damage, especially along foundation lines. This is especially useful in the older and historic homes found throughout Bergen County.

Wall and Floor Crack Repair

Wall and floor cracks can lead to major problems down the road, including water seepage, insect and rodent infestation, and flooding. Simple fixes now in your Bergen County home can lead to big savings later.

Sump Pump Installation

Due to the geography in the area, Bergen County homes are prone to basement flooding. By installing an affordable and reliable sump pump, you can keep your basement dry all year long, even in the fall and spring.

Mold Remediation

If your Bergen County home has mold, it can cause major problems for your house and your health. Our multi-step process can will remove all mold and leave your home healthy.

French Drain Installation

Many yards through Bergen County slope. This uneven landscape can cause water to seep into your basement. By installing a French drain, we can divert water away from your house, keeping your basement dry.


If your Bergen County home has a humidity problem, Affordable Waterproofing will provide a solution that removes stale air, prevents mold, and helps your family breath easy.

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