Affordable Waterproofing, LLC, offers comprehensive and reliable services for basement waterproofing in Middlesex County, NJ.

Do you live in New Brunswick? Edison? Spotswood? Cranbury? Perth Amboy? No matter where you live in beautiful Middlesex County, NJ, you may have struggled with a wet basement and related water issues.

If you need the services of a well-known and trustworthy basement waterproofing company, look no further than Affordable Waterproofing, LLC.

We have years of experience working in Middlesex County, NJ. This has given us the know-how and expertise to solve a variety wet basement problems.

Why Do Middlesex County, NJ Basements Flood?

The geography of Middlesex County is largely flat. It is bisected by the Raritan River. Throughout the county there are many streams, brooks, creeks, and smaller rivers. In all, there are more than 30 waterways in Middlesex County, NJ:

Ambrose Brook; Beaverdam Brook; Bonygutt Brook; Bound Brook; Cedar Brook; Cow Yard Brook; Crab Brook; Cranbury Brook; Cross Brook; Devils Brook; Green Brook; Heathcote Brook; Ireland Brook; Lawrence Brook; Manalapan Brook; Matchaponix Brook; Mile Run; Millstone River; Nine Mile Run; Oakeys Brook; Rahway River; Raritan River; Sawmill Brook; Shallow Brook; Six Mile Run; South River; Stony Brook; Sucker Brook; Ten Mile Run; and Terhune Run!

All of those natural flowing waterways can lead to basement flooding in your Middlesex County, NJ, home. Why? Flooding in basements is common because they are underground. After a heavy rain, the waterways can swell. This raises the water table in the ground, which can lead to seepage in your basement, along with other related problems.

30 Middlesex County Waterways, 30 Years of Affordable Basement Waterproofing

With more 30 years of experience, we provide basement waterproofing services in Middlesex County. We offer affordable services that include damage repair, clean up services, and preventative measures.


  • Sump pumps – a necessity for keeping a basement dry
  • French drains – uneven grading requires a professionally-installed French drain system to keep water away from your home


  • Wall & floor cracks – big water problems come from even small cracks
  • Foundations – older homes in Middlesex County, NJ, often require foundation fixes
  • Crawl spaces – a quick-fix seal on a crawl space will prevent flooding


  • Mold – removing mold is necessary for both the structure of your home and the health of your family
  • Humidity – first comes humidity, then comes mold
  • Water – flooding happens, and when it does, we will be there to help and offer solutions for the future of your Middlesex County, NJ, home

Affordable Waterproofing Solutions for Your Middlesex County Home

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