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Find all your basement waterproofing needs in the Cherry Hill NJ area with Affordable Waterproofing. From dredging flooded crawl space to disinfecting mold-infested foundation walls, New Jersey’s Affordable Waterproofing has it all.

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Ask about the free in-house analysis offered by Affordable Waterproofing for Cherry Hill NJ residents and get excellent workmanship for basement waterproofing system installations, water damage repairs, and even French drainage systems.

 Three Reasons to get Basement Waterproofing

1. Solid Foundation

The main reason people waterproof their basement is to keep groundwater out of their home. Groundwater can seep into the foundation walls and flood the basement floor. To prevent this from happening, strong wall structures, proper footing, a sturdy rubber membrane, backfilled gravel, and perforated pipes are needed. Basement waterproofing will help reevaluate your Cherry Hill NJ home’s foundation for a drier underground room. Affordable Waterproofing has a lifetime guarantee on all completed jobs as well as on the facilities installed so you can be assured of a waterproofed basement that will last.

2. Good Health

Stagnant water in a basement that lacks waterproofing can damage not just the structure but its contents and inhabitants. It is the breeding ground of pesky insects like mosquitoes and flies. Even if they are just small wall cracks and leaks, the poor ventilation that basement waterproofing could have fixed nurtures mold and mildew. Certain airborne fungi like the toxic black mold are hazardous most especially to young kids and the elderly who have weak immune systems. Affordable Waterproofing can offer mold removal and house rehabilitation to go with the basement waterproofing of your Cherry Hill NJ home.

3. Increased Value

With basement waterproofing included in your house’s statistics, you raise your Cherry Hill NJ real estate’s market value. The services provided by Affordable Waterproofing are of superior quality and will give you a basement worthy of bragging rights. The absence of mold is also a plus factor that is not usually found in most multi-level abodes.

Choose Cherry Hill NJ’s Affordable Waterproofing for your basement waterproofing needs to be assured of quality and affordable waterproofing that would include everything. We are a full service provider and can deliver a free evaluation, mold remediation, basement waterproofing system installation, and repairs and restructuring to your foundation, walls, ceiling, floor and crawl space. Our team of trained experts also uses the latest waterproofing technologies so you are ensured of a strong, safe, and high value basement that will stay dry. That is, of course, unless you spill something.

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