When it comes to waterproofing basements in Atlantic County, nobody does it better than Affordable Waterproofing. We have been in this business for over thirty years, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. From the very beginning, we have used only the most groundbreaking technologies and the highest quality basement waterproofing products on the market. That is why we offer a Dry Basement Guarantee on our work. We’re the best basement waterproofer in your local area, with many satisfied customers enjoying dry basements courtesy of our highly experienced staff. We are confident we can do the same for your home too.


What causes basement flooding in Atlantic County, NJ?

There are lots of reasons that a basement might flood. These are just some of the most common reasons:


Poor drainage: If your property’s drainage is bad, water may pool in the soil and flow into your basement. The pressure from the accumulating water in the earth surrounding it might even cause fractures as the water attempts to enter your house. Even light rain showers can be a problem when drainage is poor.

Flash flooding: Storms may overwhelm the area’s drainage infrastructure, resulting in flash floods. These intense rains can cause a lot of water to accumulate around homes. The water can then easily enter the basement via any wall cracks or even basement windows without any waterproofing protection.

Sloping land: Water will naturally flow in the direction of your house if the land around it slopes down toward it. To prevent basement flooding, you’ll need to divert the water away from your home. Slope your sidewalks, patios, and grounds away from the house to avoid this, and you may have to add or remove soil to accomplish it.



How does it work?

Our waterproofing technicians are highly trained in the latest moisture-management technologies. We check for signs of dampness, standing water, cracks between walls and floors, and warped wood. Then we add a waterproofing system to prevent any future moisture damage.


We offer a comprehensive selection of basement waterproofing services, so whatever is causing your wet basement – we can fix it. From crawl space encapsulation to dehumidification services, we get your basement dry and ensure it stays that way!


When you have a flooding problem in your basement, many people believe the greatest approach to fix it is from the inside out. When individuals consider basement waterproofing, they often think of internal solutions such as sump pump drainage and perhaps even waterproof paint.


However, just having excellent interior waterproofing isn’t always enough to fix a persistent basement moisture problem on its own. Sometimes you need to install an appropriate exterior waterproofing system like a French drain, which is usually combined with good internal waterproofing.


Basement Waterproofing in Atlantic County NJ: What makes us stand out?

The question isn’t why would you choose Affordable Waterproofing, it’s why wouldn’t you? We provide some of the best waterproofing services in Atlantic County NJ.  Our waterproofing technicians are fully trained and certified, equipped with the latest waterproofing technology, and always on time.


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