We’ve been providing basement waterproofing in Gloucester County, New Jersey for over 30 years. We know it’s so important to have a reliable basement waterproofing system in place, not only to protect your property but also to help to improve the overall value of your property.

There are a number of different basement waterproofing options available on the market today. So, how do you know which one is right for your home? The first step is to consult with a professional basement waterproofing provider in Gloucester County like Affordable Waterproofing. We can assess your specific needs and make tailored recommendations based on what your property needs to stay dry.

Types of Basement Waterproofing Systems in Gloucester County, New Jersey

There are several types of basement waterproofing systems available on the market.

If you’re concerned about the potential for flooding or water damage in your home, then you should consider investing in reliable basement waterproofing in Gloucester County. At Affordable Waterproofing, we offer several basement waterproofing options that ensure your home stays safe and dry.

The exact waterproofing system we recommend is tailored to your home after a FREE inspection. With the right system in place, you can rest assured knowing that your home is protected from the elements.

French Drains

Are you tired of your basement flooding every time it rains? A French drain may be the solution for you. French drains are trenches filled with gravel and pipe that redirect surface and groundwater away from your home and foundation.

By redirecting this excess water, a properly installed French drain can greatly reduce basement flooding and prevent damage to the foundation of your house. So next time you’re dealing with basement water woes, consider investing in a French drain for peace of mind and protection for your home.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is often your first line of defense against basement flooding. These devices are installed in a basement sump pit and pump excess water out and away from the basement, preventing damage and mold growth. Installing a backup power source, such as a battery, can also provide added protection during power outages. In short, when it comes to basement flooding prevention, having a reliable sump pump is essential.

Sump pumps are often used in conjunction with other methods of basement waterproofing in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Crawl Space Encapsulation
Crawl space encapsulation is a process of sealing off your crawl space from the outside environment. This can have numerous benefits, including reducing the likelihood of mold and mildew growth, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the overall healthiness of your indoor air quality. It also helps to prevent pests from making their way into your crawlspace and potentially infesting your home.

The process differs slightly depending on the specific needs of each individual home, but generally involves cleaning out any existing debris, installing a vapor barrier, sealing off external vents and entrances, and adding insulation as needed. Encapsulating your crawlspace can greatly improve the long-term functionality and livability of your home.


Dehumidifiers are often used in conjunction with other methods of basement waterproofing because they help to remove moisture from the air, which can prevent mold and mildew growth.

Dehumidifying your entire home with a Humidex system not only removes excess moisture, but also improves air quality by circulating fresh air and removing contaminants. Unlike a traditional dehumidifier, a Humidex system provides ventilation throughout the entire house. This creates a healthy environment that is free from mold growth.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of removing mold from your home. Mold can cause serious health problems, so it’s important to remove it as soon as possible. It is important to work with a professional mold remediation company like Affordable Waterproofing. We are trained in proper mold removal techniques, including the use of protective gear and specialized equipment. Taking these steps will not only resolve the issue at hand but also help avoid potential risks to both your property and your health.

Installing a Basement Waterproofing System in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Once you’ve decided on the right basement waterproofing system for your home, the next step is to have it installed by a professional. Affordable Waterproofing has been providing basement waterproofing in Gloucester County for over 30 years. We’re a family-owned business that takes pride in our workmanship. We’re also fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE inspection of your home. We’ll help you choose the right basement waterproofing system for your needs and budget.