Welcome to Affordable Waterproofing! Our industry experts provide affordable waterproofing solutions in the Philadelphia area. Our successful franchise has over 30 years of experience in providing basement waterproofing solutions, including mold remediation and removal, basement sealing, and repairing structural damage caused by flooding or minor water damage. Need a drainage system that actually works? French Drainage systems keep Philadelphia homes dry. We can install both interior and exterior systems.

Is There Toxic Mold In Your Basement?

The easiest way to determine if there is any mold in your basement is through the sense of smell. That musty smell so many basements have is actually a sign that mold and mildew is hiding out somewhere, behind walls, within cracks in the foundation, or even in plain sight! Humid basements provide the perfect environment for mold to multiply, sending dangerous spores called mycotoxins into the air. When we breathe in these mycotoxins, we are exposing ourselves to severe health concerns including: allergies, asthma, coughing, headaches, skin rashes, and in some cases, cancer and blood in the lungs. Black mold is not something you want in your house! If you suspect you have a problem- even a small problem- take the first step towards getting rid of mold: call us for a free estimate and analysis.

Philadelphia Affordable Waterproofing experts are experienced in successfully and safely removing toxic black mold. We also repair and restore basement foundations, walls, and floors to keep mold and mildew at bay! Just because your home hasn’t experienced a major flood does not mean you are not in danger of breeding mold. Small cracks in the foundation or walls, a leaking dishwasher, or a faulty window can let in water, providing a perfect spot for mold to breed.
Mold spreads in especially humid areas. Keeping a dehumidifier on at all times will reduce the possibility of mold. A good drainage system is also imperative: French drainage installation in Philadelphia homes means there’s less of a chance of basement flooding.

Is your home susceptible to mold? Luckily, Philadelphia Affordable Waterproofing is here to help. We repair damage done as a result of floods, unsealed basements, appliance failure, or too much humidity. We restore foundations and replace floors and walls to get rid of mold and keep it from coming back! Our waterproofing experts specialize in customizing individual plans for specific wet basement problems.

Free Waterproofing Estimate & In Home Analysis

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that there is no cause for concern in your basement! We provide an in home analysis at no charge to anyone who asks. We will come into your home and carefully inspect your basement. Our honest experts will let you know if there is cause for concern, and if there is, will provide an estimate for services at no cost to you. Many times, our experts leave you with good news, and you are left with the knowledge that you have a clean, dry basement! There’s no risk in giving Philadelphia Affordable Waterproofing. Basements that are dry are basements that are safe.