Basement Waterproofing Services in New Brunswick


Basement Waterproofing in New Brunswick New JerseyDo you have a wet basement? New Brunswick NJ’s naturally humid climate makes houses susceptible to moisture, especially underused and dark areas in the house. You may even need to get basement waterproofing done.


Avail of affordable waterproofing services for your basement from New Brunswick NJ Affordable Waterproofing LLC. With over 30 years of experience under our belt, Affordable Waterproofing can clean, repair and waterproof your basement safely and effectively.


Signs That You Need Basement Waterproofing


When a house is first built, everything is solid, nice and clean, including the basement. But as time takes its toll and the structure’s foundation is exposed to humidity, groundwater pressure, and increases in its overall weight, the first to surrender to these stress factors would be your New Brunswick NJ home’s forgotten basement. Waterproofing may be an efficient long time solution, especially if the following signs can be observed.


First, the most obvious indications are water puddles. Get in touch with Affordable Waterproofing if water frequently floods your underground room, especially after rain showers. Your New Brunswick NJ house’s foundation might be below or level to groundwater, which would make the water seep downwards and into the basement walls.


If the water has led to crumbled walls, you are in dire need of basement waterproofing. Do it sometime soon as your outer foundation walls might be in trouble, too. Don’t install any heavy furniture into your New Brunswick NJ place yet either.


Mold is another tip-off of a dilapidated basement. Waterproofing will ensure that additional moisture won’t feed growth yet you will still need to disinfect everything the mildew has touched. Keep in mind that stachybotrys spores can be spread by touch and inhalation so be sure to wear protective gear during the cleaning.


Cracks in the wall are marks of strain to the foundation. Leaks are hints that you need waterproofing for your basement. If you haven’t gotten around to locating affordable waterproofing services in New Brunswick NJ yet, keep a vigilant eye on those leaks. You don’t want a mold problem on your hands.


Even if you don’t see any of these symptoms but the air smells damp and stale, have your basement checked. The telltale clues might not be visible yet and you would be saving yourself from an otherwise disastrous basement by taking care of the problem earlier. New Brunswick NJ’s Affordable Waterproofing LLC can provide you with several options towards getting affordable waterproofing installation, basement restoration, mold remediation, and foundation repairs. Call the Affordable Waterproofing office in New Jersey for a free in-home analysis today.

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