Families that live on Brigantine Island off the coast of New Jersey understand the importance of protecting their homes against damages that can occur from hurricanes. Of course, no one can stop a hurricane; however, there are things that can be done before and after the storm to help protect your home. Brigantine has been declared presidential with 14 major disasters and 7 declared emergencies in recent years. The natural disasters that have hit the island include 7 storms, 6 snowstorms, 4 hurricanes, 3 blizzards, 2 heavy rains, and even 1 strong wind disaster. All of these types of disasters make it essential to waterproof your basements in the area.


Vulnerabilities Caused from Flooding and Water Damage

Of course any type of natural disaster or other type of accident that makes you lose all of your belongings and your home are major life changing events. However, when you add the depression and anxiety that comes from trying to replace or repair your home, the financial burden can bring on emotional trauma to its highest level. If you have any lower levels in your home in Brigantine you must understand the importance of protecting your home as well as the furniture and other items you have placed in these areas such as basements or sub-levels. The emotional pain that is apparent when you lose precious photos and gifts due to flooding, you need a company you can trust that will do their best to preserve and repair as many of these items as possible. This is where Affordable Waterproofing comes to your side. The local companies have seen many disasters and understand the costs as well as the emotional turmoil these problems can do to a family.

Living in Brigantine families understands that losing their belongings is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Due to the high risk of flooding in the area, the local police department has created Flood Depth Hazard Maps to help their residents know where flooding may occur. They have created a list that shows the action level, minor level, moderate level and major level of flooding that can be expected. The sad news is that once the water recedes you may not realize the extreme damage that these waters have caused to your home. Flood waters are full of harmful bacteria that can cause all kinds of health issues as well as give your home the perfect environment for fungi, spores, and mold to grow. If these uninvited guests are left to grow, they will quickly take over the entire lower levels of your home. This does not only cause an ugly scene but can bring on health issues for those in the family with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. The truth is that you may not even know that your home is being intruded by this bacteria as it can be hiding behind walls and other areas that you cannot see with the naked eye. Only a professional that knows the type of bacteria, mold, and other dangers that reside in Brigantine as well as where they love to call home.

There are all kinds of businesses and homes in Brigantine and none can escape the dangers of flooding, but they can help prevent the aftermath by waterproofing the lower levels of the home or business. Staying on top of the local weather forecast will allow you the time you need to move belongings to higher levels of the home to prevent losing all the precious items you have collected throughout your life.

Local Resources

According to the damage that your home or business sustained in the flood, you will want to make sure that if you need construction done that you learn if you need building permits to correct the problem.

Always keep emergency information for the police department and learn the evacuation route to better protect your family. Waterproofing your basement or lower level of your home

The most important thing to remember is that you should do what you can to ensure your home can withstand most of what Mother Nature will throw at your home. By waterproofing any lower levels of your home and business, you may be saving yourself a huge headache. We at Affordable Waterproofing understand the importance of trying to protect against water damage and the problems that can arise from mold, fungi, and organisms that have began calling your home or business home.