buenaBuena is a borough home in Atlantic County, New Jersey with a population of just under 4.000 according to the 2000 Census. The average cost of a home in 2009 was $242,186 for a detached house with townhouses averaging $192,296. When you consider the cost of your home, you know that is more than likely the largest investment you will make in your life. Of course, you want to protect your home as much as possible from any type of disaster. The sad news is that we cannot stop storms from hitting our town or the flood waters from entering our homes. As a matter of fact, Atlantic County has seen more than its fair share of storms that has done damage not only to homes and businesses but has devastated many parks and other recreational areas. There have been in recent years 21 various storms hit the area including six snowstorms, four hurricanes, and more. All of these storms can create problems in the lower levels of our homes and that is why is it of the utmost important to waterproof your basements if you live in the area.

Flooding and Water Damage after the Storm

Once the water has receded, the damage is left behind. Many times, the lower portion of the home was under water for days. This is the prime reason it is so important to contact a professional to examine the home and the belongings. If you are not an expert you may believe that all is a total loss and the depression will hit even harder. The truth is that a professional may be able to salvage some of your belongings. If you have a basement or lower levels in your home in Buena you must understand the importance of protecting your home and your personal belongings. When a disaster hits, you need a reliable and honest company that will help salvage as much as possible as well as check your home for any repairs or cleaning it may need so you can enter your home and ensure your family is safe. This is where Affordable Waterproofing comes onto the scene. The staff live in the area and have seen the devastating effects water damage has done along with understanding the emotional turmoil that such disasters have on an entire community and therefore due their best to help prepare your home for your return.

Flood waters do not only bring in bacteria to the area and the home, but provide the perfect damp environment for mold and other organisms to grow. Those with respiratory problems are especially vulnerable to these unwanted guests which can cause even worse symptoms and can be fatal. Mold and other organisms once they call an area home grow quickly and are not always in areas where you can see but behind bathroom tile, in the walls and can grow all the way to the ceiling that may not have been affected by flood waters. Only an expert that knows the type of bacteria, mold, and other dangers that are prone to grow in Buena can help eradicate the problem.

Local Resources

In many cases, you may need construction done to your home to restore it the way it was prior to the flood. You should check with the Clerk’s office to ensure you understand the laws and regulations as well as if you need a building permit.

Buena has two fire departments that help in emergency situations. It would be in your best interest to learn which fire department serves your area and keep their number handy.

When it comes to flood waters or melting snow, water can and will damage our homes. By waterproofing our basements and lower levels of our home we will be doing our best to protect our homes, our families and our belongings. We at Affordable Waterproofing understand the importance of protection against water damage along with the health issues that can arise from mold, fungi, and organisms that love damp environments.