eggharbortownshipEgg Harbor is a township with a population of under 45,000 found in Atlantic County, New Jersey. At one time, all of Atlantic County was actually part of what was called Great Egg Harbor until 1837 when Gloucester Counter was separated from Atlantic County along with the townships of Weymouth, Hamilton, Galloway, and Egg Harbor. Residents that live in Atlantic County understand the importance of protecting their homes from natural disasters as the area has been hit by 21 natural disasters in recent years when the average for the entire United States is only 12. The types of disasters that have hit the area include blizzards, heavy rains, winter storms, snowstorms, hurricanes, and floods. These types of disasters are the main reason it is important to waterproof our basements.

It is important if you live in Egg Harbor Township to keep track of the weather so you can prepare for any storm that may be headed your way. It is important to move as many belongings as possible to higher levels of the home instead of the cellar, basement or sub levels. When floods occur, many precious memories are destroyed due to water damage as well as other problems that are found after the water recedes.

Water Damage and Flooding

Everyone understands that if the streets are flooding and the water is pouring into the lower levels of our homes we can lose everything we own in a matter of minutes. The one thing that is often not realized is that after the water recedes or is pumped from the home that there are unwanted organisms left behind. A variety of storms creates a damp environment in our homes which is the breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, and mold.

After a storm, our minds are not on the home itself, but on the memories and other personal belongings we are trying to salvage. We may not realize that there are dangers in the water that we are walking through to try to find one salvageable item. It is always best to hire a professional that will not only find and retrieve all items that can be saved, but can also check for organisms that may be calling our house their new home. Mold grows fast and in areas you cannot see such as behind walls or under tile, so you need an expert to check for such bacterium. Affordable Waterproofing offers all the services you need from finding salvageable items to eradicating mold. The staff understands that the loss of photos and other memories can be devastating and work diligently to save as many personal items as possible.

Local Resources for Egg Harbor Township

Before doing any construction or restoration on your home, you should check with the city to learn if you need a permit before you begin the work.  Building inspections and fire inspections are very important in Egg Harbor Township. It is also very important to visit the town hall to learn if you are in a flood zone as other laws and regulations are in effect when it comes to building.

We cannot stop Mother Nature from pouring all that rain and melted snow in our streets and sometimes in our homes, but we can be better prepared by having a list of companies that can help us in emergency situations as well as help to restore our home after the water recedes. We at Affordable Waterproofing want to give you peace of mind by guaranteeing our work with a lifetime warranty for our services. We want to provide you with the services you need so your family can safely enter the home without the worries of health problems that can come from bacteria and mold.