Most basements are naturally below the water table – which means they are subjected to constant pressure from the water in the ground that surrounds them.

Over time, that pressure can lead to small cracks and leaks appearing which eventually presents issues with damp, mold, and other problems. Other elements like neglected crawl spaces can also lead to basement moisture. Luckily, professional basement waterproofing can prevent these problems from appearing.

Our expert technicians inspect your basement to identify the best way to waterproof your basement. We can detect even the earliest signs of seepage, helping you to stop any potential damage before it takes hold. A combination of drainage and waterproof sealing can ensure that your basement stays dry and your foundations remain intact.

For some homes, an interior water management system can collect any water and pump it out of your basement and far away from your home. Occasionally, in areas with very poor drainage, an external water management system is necessary to properly protect your home’s foundation in line with the International Building Code.

This peace of mind doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, most of our basement waterproofing Monmouth County customers are pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is to have their basements professionally waterproofed. And with our best-in-the-industry dual guarantee, you can be sure that your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Handling the aftermath of flooding

The New Jersey coastal area can be prone to flooding, and we know that homeowners in Monmouth County, NJ,  are no strangers to flood warnings. If you’re a Sea Bright resident, you’ve probably witnessed Ocean Avenue looking a lot more like an ocean than an actual avenue on more than one occasion!

In the heat of the moment, your main concern is to save the items you can and to remove the water and debris using pumps. Unfortunately, removing the water and cleaning up the visible signs of damage are just the first steps to making your home habitable again.

That’s where Affordable Waterproofing come in. We can not only remove the water and save as many of your personal belongings as possible, we can also professionally assess the damage and identify any issues. This includes the ones that are invisible to the naked eye, like bacteria.

Without the right intervention, black mold and fungi can spread quickly in the damp environment, causing you problems that go way beyond their unsightly appearance. We use the most up to date equipment to remove any mold safely. Our state of the art technology can filter even the tiniest spores and particles from the air, so that you can be confident your home is truly mold-free.

Basement waterproofing Monmouth County

Your home is important, and without proper basement waterproofing it’s vulnerable to damage. Taking the proper precautions protects the structural integrity and value of your home.  Why leave it to chance?

Contact Affordable Waterproofing today to find out how we can help you keep your basement dry.