Galloway, New Jersey is in Atlantic County on the east coast of the United States that in 2010 had a population of 37,349 individuals. Galloway often referred to as Galloway Township has 115.213 square miles with 26.139 of that being water and 89.074 being land. Within the township are other communities that are completely or at least partially in the township which include Leeds Point, Absecon, Somersville, Absecon Highlands, South Egg Harbor, Oceanville, Brigantine, Cologne Station, and Cologne to name a few.

Since Galloway is in Atlantic County those that live here, understand the importance of waterproofing their homes especially the lower levels including the basement. Even though tornadoes and earthquakes activity is low in the county, this does not mean that Galloway is free from the wrath of Mother Nature. The number of natural disasters reported in this county is 21, which is much higher than the United States average of 12, of these 21, 14 were presidential disasters and 7 were declared emergencies. The causes of these disasters included snowstorms, floods, storms, blizzards, hurricanes, heavy rains, and more.

What could be lurking in your Home?

With this type of weather, residents understand what can happen to their homes and property. Any time heavy rains hit the water can pool on streets in your yards and against your homes. When the snow begins to melt, you have the same conditions. You may have a sump pump to remove the water, but you may not be considering what else could still be in your home that can damage the health of your family. There are all kinds of organisms that come into our homes as well as create a damp environment where these organisms such as mold, bacteria, and fungi love to live.

In most cases, when we know a disaster is on its ways we try to move as much as we can to higher grounds or to upper levels of the homes, but once the water is gone, you need professionals to ensure that your home is a safe living environment. Mold and fungi grow like wild fire in damp environments and can actually take over the sub levels of your home in a short amount of time. Affordable Waterproofing offers all the services you need to ensure the water is removed as well as all mold including black mold is eradicated.

Local Resources for Galloway, New Jersey

If you live in Galloway, it is important to have local numbers ready in the case of an emergency or for providing you with local information.

Emergency Management

The Galloway Township Office of Emergency Management (609) 652-3705 ext. 206

The Galloway Township Office of Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator (609) 652-3700 ext. 268

Police Department has a website with all types of important information at

The fire departments number is 609-652-3700 EXT. 205.

In many cases, if your home has been damaged you will need to learn if you need a building permit to waterproof your home or perform any repairs your home may need. To learn more you can call 609-652-3700 EXT 241 or visit the website at

Structural and Water Damage Repair

No matter what your home may needs, a professional is the best solution as you will receive the proper information and ensure that all permits are in place as well as a professional job so you can ensure your home is safe to live in without the harmful things that may be hiding in the crawl spaces and walls after water damage.