Hackensack is a growing city in Bergen County, New Jersey seeing an increase in the population of around 0.08% from the 2000 census to the 2010. In all actuality Hackensack is an inner suburb of New York City itself only that it resides in New Jersey 12 miles from Manhattan and 7 miles from the George Washington Bridge.

Building permits in the city of Hackensack showed that there were only three permits approved in 2012 with the average cost being just a bit over $73,000. With the community growing and with more building permits being approved, the need for waterproofing basements and lower levels of homes is of course growing. The main reason you should be concerned about waterproofing the lower levels of your home is due to what water damage from natural disasters can do not only to your furniture and personal belongings but also to the home. When it comes to Mother Nature and the storms she brings, Hackensack has seen her share. Bergen County in the last few years has had 12 major disasters declared by the president of the US as well as eight declared emergencies. The natural disasters that homeowners have had to deal with include 1 strong wind storm, two blizzards, two snowstorms, five storms, three hurricanes, and four heavy rain storms.

Dangers the Lurk in Standing Water

The more time that water is left to stand in your home, the chance for harmful bacterium to grow is very high. When your home is hit by flood waters, not only will you have to worry about how you will pay for the loss of all the lost items in your home, but how much it is going to cost to repair your home. Too often, families never consider what may be hiding in the water or what may be growing in the damp environment in areas they cannot see. Fungi and mold love damp environments, grow quickly, and begin to take over your entire basement or sub levels of your home quickly. With this come all kinds of health issues for your family. Affordable Waterproofing is here to help families in Hackensack.

Local Resources for Hackensack

If you live in Hackensack, it is important to have local numbers ready in the case of an emergency. Your local police and fire department, and the Office of Emergency Management can help in all kinds of situations as well as Mayor and City Council.

Waterproofing the Lower Levels of your Home

Whether you are new to the area or have lived in Hackensack for many years, knowing whom to contact when water has damaged your home or business is a necessity. We at Affordable Waterproofing, have years of experience providing our services to homes and businesses across Bergen County. We know how to find and eradicate mold and other dangers that want to call your basement home. We want you to enjoy your home and have peace of mind that there are no threats left behind after a flood that can cause health problems to members of your family.