Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey is home in Bergen County and is not really a town but a borough even though it has a large population when looking at other boroughs of 11,842 in 2010. In fact, Hasbrouck Heights is actually an inner suburb of New York City, which is only 8 miles from Upper Manhattan.

It may be hard to believe but Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey and other areas of the county does have a few earthquakes and other natural disasters that often cause homeowners headaches as well as spend their hard-earned money. All earthquakes were at least 108 miles away so earthquakes are not a huge problem. On the other hand, Bergen County has had 20 natural disasters, which is higher than the national average across the US, which are only 12. The main disasters to hit the county include seven floods, three hurricanes, and two blizzards. Due to the natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes, residents must be aware that waterproofing the lower levels of their home, cellars, and basements is very important to save not only their homes but also any other items that may be stored in these areas.

Damage from Standing Water

Once you see the water rising in the street and going over the curb, you know that water is going to get close to your home and may even enter your home. If the water only makes it to your home and rests against the foundation, it means that the foundation of your home can actually receive cracks due to the earth moving under the home. Mold, fungi, and bacteria love the damp and wet areas. You can easily clean your home using bleach or other over the counter products; however, you cannot find the mold that is behind the walls or in the crawl spaces that means it will still be growing in your home.It takes a professional local company that knows what type of bacteria grows in this area of the county and can eradicate mold and other harmful debris from our homes after disasters that leave standing water in and around our homes. One such company in Hasbrouck Heights is Affordable Waterproofing.

Local Resources in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Hasbrouck Heights has their own website offering all kinds of information such as the Borough Clerk, Department of Public Works and Recycling info.

Be Prepared with Waterproofing help

Affordable Waterproofing has been ensuring that homes in Hasbrouck Heights can save as many of their memories by waterproofing their home prior to water damage. After water damage, the company will professionally remove the standing water and eradicate any bacteria including black mold that may be growing in your home. This company puts their professionalism to the test by providing a 100% guarantee on any work performed and that does include that mold will not return. Do not ignore the problem and just clean the areas you see that have stains, ensure that professionals eradicate the mold inside the walls, under the floors and in cracks and crevices