Longport, New Jersey is a borough in Atlantic County, New Jersey with less than 900 residents often recognized for surfing and various water sports on the beaches. Due to its location beside the water and storms that can hit the area, residents understand the importance of waterproofing the lower levels of their homes. Longport has a much larger average of being hit by natural disasters at 21 than the entire United States average of 12. The borough has had 14 presidential major disaster declared and 7 emergencies declared in recent years. The events include 7 storms, 6 floods, 4 snowstorms, 3 hurricanes, 2 blizzards, 2 heavy rains, 2 winter storms, to name a few. These types of disasters just remind us of the importance to waterproof our basements

It is important if you live in Longport City to know what the weather is going to do in advance so you can move belongings from lower levels of your home such as basements, cellars, or sub-levels so you do not lose precious memories as well as expensive collectibles.

Dangers from Water Damage and Flooding

We all know if a hurricane hits, that we are in jeopardy of losing our entire homes and businesses; however, many people do not think about what they should after flood waters enters their home. They may use pumps to remove the water and debris but never even consider what may be still be present in our homes. There are all kinds of organisms that come into our homes as well as create a damp environment where these organisms such as mold, bacteria, and fungi grow quickly.

longportWhen our homes are hit by flood waters, we often never have the time to worry about the home itself as we are trying our best to save any items we can from the home. The problem is that too many times we just get out our cleaning supplies and staring wiping down the walls and floors to rid our home the visible signs of water damage. If you are not a professional, you may not have the proper cleaning supplies or equipment to actually find all the issues that were caused from the standing water.  Mold and fungi grow like wild fire in damp environments and can actually take over the sub levels of your home in a short amount of time. Affordable Waterproofing offers all the services you need to ensure the water is removed as well as all mold including black mold is eradicated. Not only are these professionals experienced at removing water and removing bacteria and other uninvited guests but try to save as many personal items as possible. The employees are local and understand what this damage does to you emotionally and financing.

Local Resources for Longport

In the case that you need help with restoring your home or business it would be in your best interest to check with the city’ website and contact the Planning, Zoning, and Building Departments to ensure you obtain the right permits before any work is done. The city also publishes a list of agencies to help in the case of emergencies for their residents.

Of course we cannot stop natural disasters from occurring, but having a list of emergency numbers including the police and fire department will certainly make an emergency situation better. We at Affordable Waterproofing want to ease your burden by guaranteeing our work with a lifetime warranty for our services. We want to rid your home of water damage and all the dangers that could be endangering the health of your family especially those with allergies or respiratory issues.