Margate City is home in Atlantic County New Jersey and is known for its wonderful beaches. According to the 2010 US census there were 6.354 residents. The city is actually on Absecon Island that is only just over miles long which is also home to Ventnor City and Atlantic City. Margate City is only about 8blocks from the ocean making it in a very desirable place to call home.

What draws residents and even those that call the city home during the summer months are the beaches filled with those surfing, kayaking and hobie cat sailing. The only major problem with the beaches here is that they are a bit more narrow than others on the Jersey Shore. Not only this, but the area has had its own issues with hurricanes and very few sand dunes protect the town from the damages that can be done, therefore most of the dunes are man-made in the hopes of protecting not only their narrow beaches but their homes as well. At this time, the city is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to construct dunes that will help preserve the beaches.

Damages Caused by Weather

As mentioned above, Margate City is prone to hurricanes; however, Atlantic County New Jersey as a whole has seen its share of disasters including 4 major disasters declared by the president of the US as well as 7 declared emergencies. The natural disasters that homeowners have had to deal with include 1 strong wind storm, three blizzards, six snowstorms, seven storms, four hurricanes, and two heavy rain storms, among others.


Due to this homeowners understand the importance of not only protecting their beaches which helps bring tourists and boosts the economy but also to save their home from damage. The main problems are often the lower sub-levels of the homes especially the basements and foundations need waterproofing. Flooding in basements is not the major concern even when you consider the precious items you lose but it can then become a health issue from dangerous Mold, Mildew and bacteria. The cost of any damage from flooding would of-course run into thousands of dollars for repair, not to mention the cost and emotional stress brought on from losing furnishings and personnel belongings.

The good news is there are preventive measures can be taken to minimize the odds of losing everything in the lower levels of your home.  Affordable Waterproofing offers a variety of options and services in protecting your home. Our customers trust us and will recommend our services as they have seen even after rainstorms that their basements are still dry.

Local Resources for Margate City, New Jersey

Protecting the narrow shoreline is one of the most important thoughts on the minds of residents. To learn more about what is being done and how you can help you should contact the Absecon Island Shore Protection Project.

Flood protection is also on the minds of the government departments in Margate City so to stay on top of the information provided it is best to stay abreast of the information as well as the upcoming weather.

When you are considering doing any type of preventive measures to your home it is best to learn more about the regulations and laws pertaining to your neighborhood via the Planning Board.

Waterproof Your Margate City Home Today

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