Moonachie New Jersey is home in Bergen County and is considered a borough in an area known as Hackensack River watershed with a population of 2,708 according to the US 2010 Census. This borough is only about 9 miles from downtown Manhattan which is in New York City, making it a great place for those that work in the big city but do not mind the short drive to live in a country atmosphere.

It may be hard to believe but New Jersey does have a few earthquakes and other natural disasters that often plague homeowners. All earthquakes were at least 100 miles away so this type of problem is not really a huge concern. On the other hand, Bergen County has in the last few years had 20 natural disasters which are quite a bit higher than the national average which is only 12. The main disasters to hit the county include 7 floods, 3 hurricanes, and 2 blizzards. Due to the natural disasters such as storms, heavy rains, and hurricanes, residents must be aware that waterproofing the sub-levels of their home, cellars, and basements is very important to save not only their homes but any furnishings that may be in these areas.

Damage to Homes from Standing Water

If flood waters are running down the road, you already know that there are going to be areas in your yard or near your home that will have standing water until the water resides. This means that the foundation of your home can actually receive cracks due to the earth moving under the home. The damp and wet areas are loved by such unwanted guests as mold, fungi, and bacteria. You can easily clean your home, but you will normally be leaving behind what is hiding in cracks and walls in your home.

It takes a professional local company that knows what type of bacteria is prone in this area and is able to locate and eradicate mold and other harmful debris from our homes after disasters that leave standing water in and around our homes. One such company in Moonachie is Affordable Waterproofing.

Local Resources in Moonachie

Moonachie has their own website offering all kinds of important information including ordinances, and information on First Aid & Rescue Squad.

When you Need Waterproofing Help

Affordable Waterproofing has been helping families for several years, not only remove the standing water, but ensuring the home is livable, which means they thoroughly check the home for mold and other bacteria that can be a huge health risk. Those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions are in danger with these types of dangers lurking in your home. This company puts their professionalism and craftsmanship to the test by providing a 100% guarantee on any work performed and that includes that bacteria and mold will not return. Do not ignore the problem and just wipe away the mold you see on the walls, ceilings, and walls, ensure that the mold inside the walls, under the floors and in cracks and crevices is eradicated by professionals.