Norwood, New Jersey is a borough in Bergen County with a population in 2010 of only 5,711 creating a wonderful place to call home.  Even though the town situated right along the coastline, the residents still have to deal with natural disasters that can cause damage to their homes especially flooding situations. Bergen County has a much larger average of natural disasters at 20 while the entire United States has an average of 12. The county has had twelve presidential major disaster declared and eight emergencies declared in recent years. The events include seven storms, six floods, two snowstorms, three hurricanes, two blizzards,  four heavy rains, and one winter storm, to name a few. These types of problems just remind us to waterproof our basements as well as any sub-levels of our homes to protect all our property as best as possible.

It is important if you live in Norwood to keep your eye on the weather so you can be better prepared for whatever may be coming your way, which may include moving items from the lower levels of our home to higher levels.

Dangers from Storms and Standing Water

When our homes are hit by any type of storms, we can see roof shingles fly through the sky and see the water levels reaching higher and higher until it invades our homes. Once the water resides, we walk back into a huge mess and some water may still be standing in certain lower areas. Mold, fungi and bacteria grow very fast in damp environments and according to the length of time, you have been kept out of your home, the more time it allows these unwanted guest to invade your home. Affordable Waterproofing provides all the services homeowners need to ensure the water is removed as soon as possible as well as ensure all mold were completely removed. Not only are these experts experienced at removing standing water and bacteria but also do their best to save as many personal items as possible. The employees are local and understand what this damage does to you emotionally and financing.

Local Resources for Norwood

 In the case, you are new to the area or want information on your local government offices, it would be a good idea to visit Norwood’s website. Here you can find information such as public safety or the fire department.  You should also keep a list of contractors that you may need after an emergency such as Affordable Waterproofing. You will want a company that understands the types of bacteria, fungi, and mold that are problems in the county and have experience ridding homes of these unwanted guests. These problems that could be lurking behind your walls could actually be causing your family allergy issues, asthma attacks, and other health issues.