Old Tappan, New Jersey is a borough with a population of 5,750 according to the US 2010 Census. The most common and highest employment occupations in 2013 in Old Tappan were management occupations, sales related, construction, extraction, legal, business, financial operations, office, administrative support, education, training, and library.

Residents of Old Tappan are not too worried about earthquakes as the closest one was 116 miles away in 1994; however, natural disasters are still known to occur in Bergen County. The average of natural disasters in Bergen County is 20 in recent years, which is almost double United States average, which are 12. Residents must be aware that waterproofing the lower levels of their home and basements is one of the important things to do, when the area has been hit by seven floods, three hurricanes, and four heavy rains.

What do Natural Disasters Leave Behind that we may not see?

Homeowners often enter their homes even before the water has resided to try to save as many items as possible along with the pumping out the water. Water damage can be expensive especially when you lose many of your belongings not to mention the costs of removing the water and cleaning the home. The main problem is that you may not know what is lurking in hidden areas of your home. Of course, we can see damage that is on the walls, floors and ceilings and start the clean up. The problem is we cannot see the bacteria, mold, and other fungi that are in cracks, crevices, and behind walls of our homes where it is still damp and the best places for these types of bacteria to start growing.

It made me hard to believe, but even the exterior of the home can receive damage from standing water that can lead to foundation problems. Water can actually make the dirt under your home shift, when this occurs it can cause the foundation to crack or even make your entire home lean. Bacteria begin to mold in any crack it can find and will find its way inside your home. It takes a professional company to be able to locate and remove all types of mold and other harmful items from our homes after floods or heavy rains leave standing water in our homes. One such company in Old Tappan is Affordable Waterproofing.

Local Resources in Old Tappan

It is very important that you learn about the local ordinances and building permits you need if your home needs repair along with all local information through their website.

Waterproofing Consultants

In Old Tappan, it is important that you have an expert team that can determine the damage and what items may be saved in your home. The also have the experience to help you understand if your home will need repairs or if there is mold growing in any part of your home. Affordable Waterproofing offers a 100% guarantee. The company is trusted throughout the area for providing the best care as well as experience to complete projects in a timely manner.