Port Republic is home in Atlantic County along the Mullica River. The community is growing and as of the 2010 census the population had increased 7.5% to 1,115. Building permits in the city of Port Republic showed that there were 3 permits approved in 2012 with the average cost being just a bit over $366,000. With any growing community, the need for waterproofing basements and lower levels of homes is of course of the utmost important. The reason everyone in New Jersey and especially those living in Atlantic County need to waterproof the lower levels of their homes is due to what water damage can do to your belongings, the interior of your home and of course the foundation. When it comes to bad weather and the storms that have hit Port Republic the ever growing problem of water damage is apparent. Atlantic County in recent years has had 14 major disasters declared by the president of the US as well as 7 declared emergencies. The natural disasters that homeowners have had to deal with include 1 strong wind storm, three blizzards, six snowstorms, seven storms, four hurricanes, and two heavy rain storms.
Dangers in Standing Water

port republicMost homeowners do not understand what standing water can do to their homes as they are more concerned with the loss of their belongings. The truth is that the longer the water is allowed to stand in the home, the chance for dangerous bacterium to grow is very high. When homes are hit by flood water, there are many things to consider from cleaning the home to purchasing all the items lost and repairing the home. One thing that many ignore is that along the foundation as well as in the walls, there could be harmful growths such as mold and other fungi. With this come all kinds of health issues for your family. Affordable Waterproofing is here to help families in Port Republic. You need a professional to evaluate the damage and if any of your items can be saved.

Local Resources for Port Republic, New Jersey

If you live in Port Republic, it is important to have local numbers ready in the case of an emergency. Your local fire department and New Jersey State Police can help in all kinds of situations as well as city hall.

Waterproofing your Basement

No matter if you have lived in Port Republic your entire life or you are new to the area, knowing the right company to help when water has damaged your home is very important. We at Affordable Waterproofing, have years of experience providing our services to homes and businesses across Atlantic County. We understand the importance of having a professional to call at any time of the day or night when water is flooding your home. We know how to find and rid your home of mold and other dangers that want to take residence in your basement. We take pride in providing our customers with a lifetime guarantee on our services so they never have to worry about mold or other bacterium growing in their homes. Since we live in the area, we know what to look for in the way of molds and other fungi that are present in the area. We use the most up to date technologies to completely rid your home of any dangers.