Rutherford is in Bergen County and is a borough with a population of 18,061 according to the US 2010 Census. Rutherford has a reputation of being the first borough of Bergen County as well as the Borough of
Trees. Employment opportunities are very high in Rutherford with such industries as management, sales, computer, mathematical, business, and financial, office, administrative support, transportation, education, training, and library. The median value of homes in Rutherford in 2014 was around $350,000; therefore, homeowners recognize the importance of caring for the one of the largest investments in their lives. Mother Nature has a way of bringing on all kind of damage to our homes due to natural disasters.

The average of natural disasters in Bergen County is 20 in recent years, which is higher than that of the United States average with is 12. Due to the natural disasters such as seven storms, four heavy rains, and three hurricanes, residents must be acknowledge that waterproofing the lower levels of their homes and basements is one of the most important things to consider.

Natural Disasters Cause Unseen Damage

Once you obtain a loan for your new home, you want to ensure that the home is protected as much as possible. You pay for home insurance and have your home and roof inspected regularly; however, when storms hits, and water penetrates your home and stands for stands until the water resides, you normally will pump out the water and clean all visible areas. The problem is we cannot see the bacteria, mold, and other fungi that are in cracks, crevices, and behind walls in the areas hit the hardest with standing water. All kinds of bacteria love damp environments; therefore, it is imperative to have a reputable company like Affordable Waterproofing.

The exterior of the home can receive damage as well and should be inspected as it can lead to foundation problems. The standing water can cause the earth around the home to move which can cause cracks in the foundation where mold can begin to grow and enter your home. One small crevice in the foundation will allow water to seep into the walls or under the flooring of your home and then all kinds of issues begin which can lead to health problems, especially for those with respiratory problems.

Local Resources in Rutherford

A few of the numbers you should have handy in case of emergencies such as First Aid Ambulance Corps, fire department, and the police department.

Waterproofing Professional

In Rutherford, you will want the best and most experienced team to evaluate the damage done to your homes and one that can provide the best repairs and remove all bacteria that can cause health problems. Affordable Waterproofing is so sure of their work they offer a 100% guarantee. This team can provide you with exactly what you need and eradicate all types of mold from your home and ensure it never returns.