The City of Somers Point, New Jersey is a quaint little Harbor Town about 10 miles South of Atlantic City on the North shore of Great Egg Harbor. 10,795 happy residents call Somers Point home because it is a fine community for families to call home.

It hosts many fine Restaurants, Marinas and, a fabulous view of the Harbor. According to Mayor Jack Glasser,”Somers Point is one of the great attractions of the Jersey Shore”. At one time it was a major Point of Entry from 1791 to 1915 but the Harbor was actually built in 1725. Before that, this area was called Somerset, named after a Plantation that was founded in 1693. It was also famous for it’s Ship Building facilities in the early years.

Today, Great Egg Harbor still plays the most important factor in the towns lively hood, alone with tourism. The people are friendly and there is a strong sense of community and camaraderie here and, visitors and new residents are warmly welcomed. There are 5,556 housing units in Somers Point ranging from beach Cottages to sea side Mansions, most are typical family homes.

However, as a coastal harbor town, this means that living here requires being weather conscious at all times. The threat of hurricanes and flooding is always a real possibility and, it is just good common sense to be prepared for the worst in advance. For many of the townsfolk here protecting their homes is a big priority and, a part of that is Waterproofing.


Damage from even minor flooding can spell disaster for a house as it can weaken the foundation. This could lead to cracks and uneven settling allowing many different problems to then develop. Flooding in the basement is not the least of these concerns because, it can then become a health issue from dangerous Mole, Mildew and, bacteria. The cost of any structural damage from flooding would of-course run into thousands of dollars for repair, not to mention the devastating loss of furnishings and personnel belongings. Atlantic County in recent years has had 14 major disasters declared by the president of the US as well as 7 declared emergencies. The natural disasters that homeowners have had to deal with include 1 strong wind storm, three blizzards, six snowstorms, seven storms, four hurricanes, and two heavy rain storms.

Damages Caused by Mother Nature

Fortunately, preventive measures can be taken to minimize the odds of this occurring. In Atlantic County, we are a professional service who deals in just this special expertise. Affordable Waterproofing is our name and, we are one of one of the best companies who can offer a variety of options and services in safeguarding a home. An once of prevention, is worth a pound of cure! A lot of people around here trust us and will recommend us. We are prepared to make a complete evaluation and estimate and, offer the best procedures technological available in Waterproofing and, thereby protecting your home.

Local Resources for Somers Point, New Jersey

For Weather Emergency and/or Evacuation contact Somers Point Emergency Management or you can call them at (609) 927- 9088 ext. 139 The good people in Somers Point City Administration work closely with FEMA to ensure the safety of it’s citizens here. As with any community where inclement weather can be a factor, it is important to keep readily available all the information that may be needed in time of an emergency.

When you are considering doing any type of preventive measures to your home it is best to learn more about the regulations and laws pertaining to your neighborhood via the Planning Board.

 Help When You Need It

If a home has already suffered damage, Affordable Waterproofing can provide the clean up and repair at reasonable prices to restore your home and make it safe and habitable once again. In flood damage prevention we are unparalleled. The sea is what has drawn people to Somers Point for over three hundred years and Affordable Waterproofing is here when you need us to protect this historical community.