Ventnor City is part of the infamous Jersey Shore area that many families love to spend vacation time on the sand and in the water every summer. The population has lessened a bit over the last few years if you look at the stats. In 2010 there were 10,650 individuals calling the area home; however, in 2000 the number was 12,910. This may be due to the harsh way that Mother Nature treats the area. The climate in Ventnor City is often characterized by hot humid summers and cool winters referred to as a humid subtropical climate.

Now let’s look at just how Mother Nature has treated Atlantic County and the Jersey Shore over the last few years 21 natural disasters when compared to only 12 on average across the United States, 14 presidential declared major disasters, and 7 declared emergencies. The causes of the storms include seven storms, 6 floods, 4 snowstorms, three hurricanes, 2 heavy rains, 2 water shortages, 2 winter storms, 1 tropical depression, 2 blizzards, and one wind storm.

Ventnor City

Atlantic County has certainly had more than its fair share of disasters but the probably is homeowners often have no idea what to do except clean up the mess. The problem is that lower levels of their homes can be filled with water for several weeks. Of course, they can easily wipe walls, clean floors and replace furnishings, but they cannot seek what might be lurking behind the walls. Damp areas are the best places for bacteria, fungi, and mold to call home. Once these pests have entered your home they can quickly grow in areas you cannot see which can even cause health issues as well as foundation problems if there are any cracks due to flood damage.

What these disasters do to our homes in New Jersey

Due to this homeowners understand the main problems are often the lower sub-levels of the homes especially the basements and foundations need that need waterproofing. When flooding hits your home, you not only lose your precious items you had stored in these areas, but you will be surprised at the bacteria that has been left behind on everything in the house including behind the baseboards, under the tile flooring and inside the walls.

There are preventive measures can be taken to minimize the odds of losing everything in the lower levels of your home.  Affordable Waterproofing will not only do everything possible to clean the items they can save but also offer ways to waterproof the sub-levels of your home so this disaster may be prevented in the future.

Local Resources for Ventnor City, New Jersey

Ventnor City has an office especially for the emergency management to help residents in the case of any type of emergency. You should also learn more about zoning  and stay up to date with the planning board so you will also know if the improvements you wish to make to your home are under the proper guidelines.

Save your Home With Affordable Waterproofing

Affordable Waterproofing has been in service in the area for years and understands the types of mold, bacterium, and fungi that are in the area, which gives them the upper hand on ridding your home of unwanted guests.