Basement Waterproofing in Burlington County

Basement water problems can be a real headache. Not only do they increase the total cost of a home, but they can cause serious health problems as well.

What exactly causes basements to flood? The most common cause of basement flooding is the accumulation of excess moisture from leaks in drainage pipes or walls, groundwater infiltration, or poorly functioning sump pumps.

Solutions can include waterproofing, proper drainage techniques, and the installation of sub-surface drainage systems. Waterproofing is a necessary part of any long term solution to this problem. If you’re experiencing basement water problems in Burlington County, call in a specialist in basement waterproofing to address your water problem once and for all.


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Waterproofing Systems Installation

You’ll naturally want to take measures to avoid basement flooding when you learn that it puts your entire house at risk. The most common question we get from homeowners is What is the best waterproofing system?

The most common waterproofing system that we use for basement waterproofing in Burlington County is an internal water management system, using a sump pump. For some properties, we may also recommend an external waterproofing system – such as a French drain, to tackle the unwanted water problem from both sides. In some properties, we might even recommend other waterproofing methods, like crawl space encapsulation, to protect your basement from unwanted moisture.

Until you have your basement inspected by waterproofing professionals in Burlington County, it’s very difficult to say what the best waterproofing system for your home will be.


What are the real benefits of waterproofing my basement?

Waterproofing your basement helps safeguard the structural integrity of your home, which is almost certainly the most important reason for having your basement waterproofed by a professional. If your house has already suffered some structural damage, it’s vital to repair it while also installing a basement waterproofing system.


Of course, another common reason for basement waterproofing is to use the basement area as an extra living space. Once it’s waterproofed, you can refinish your basement and add value to your home while providing more functional space for your family.

Reliable Mold Remediation in Burlington County

One of the peskiest problems in Burlington County is mold, which can be found thriving in damp basements. It grows in damp conditions with a lot of humidity – perfect for our area!


Mold isn’t just unsightly. It can lead to health issues such as allergic responses or respiratory problems. Mold produces spores that are highly toxic when inhaled regularly by humans. Because mold thrives in humid, damp conditions with a lot of humidity, you can often find it in damp basements with poor ventilation.

Mold damages surfaces and can lead to health problems if you and your family are exposed to these spores for a long time. You can’t always see the mold, making it even harder to keep your home mold-free. Our waterproofing experts specialize in all areas of mold remediation in Burlington County!


We offer a range of waterproofing services, including basement waterproofing and masonry restoration for your property’s outside and inside. Our professional waterproofing professionals are honest, reputable, and experienced; they always provide excellent work.


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