Affordable Waterproofing can transform your basement from a damp, musty place to a beautiful room the whole family will enjoy. Count on our basement waterproofing remodeling services to create the space you’ve always wanted. From design, to construction, painting, finishing and more! A sealed crawl space is one of the newest products to come to both the new construction and existing home market. Affordable Waterproofing Systems, LLC designs and installs your crawl space encapsulation unique to your home assuring the job is done right.

Services Include

[list type=”check”] [li]Removing water in crawl space, existing debris, level and tamp dirt area.[/li] [li]Installing crawl space drainage system (if required) along footings and to the center area with pipe, bleed block, cover system with stone and install a sump pit, heavy duty effluent pump and freeze proof discharge.[/li] [li]Sealing off crawl space of all vent openings and replace or air tighten existing crawl or hatch opening.[/li] [li]Installing a true 16 mil fire retardant microbial free crawl space encapsulation liner secured to the walls, floor and wrapping all supports and piers.[/li] [li]Installing a crawl space dehumidifier unit that will conform to the size of the crawl space, under sizing humidity control will defeat the purpose of encapsulation, it also will allow the unit to operate in the most efficient way possible.[/li] [li]We install dehumidifiers that draw out the moisture and use as little as 47 watts of electricity at a monthly operating cost as little as $3.00 to $5.00.[/li] [/list]

When it comes to selling your home the real estate industry has found 70% of buyers walk away from basements and a wet crawl space that has heavy moisture, damp, humid and smells of mildew. What they will do is request deductions off the asking price, in many cases 3 times the amount. The buyer is in control at that point.

Reasons to Encapsulate

[list type=”check”] [li]Excessively high relative humidity levels.[/li] [li]Growth of harmful molds, fungus, and other microbes and allergens[/li] [li]Increased irritation of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions[/li] [li]Penetration of radon gas into the home[/li] [li]Substantially higher energy costs for heating and air conditioning[/li] [li]Rotting of structural wood and damage to other building materials[/li] [li]Damage to stored clothing and other personal belongings due to moisture, dampness and mildew[/li] [li]Increased susceptibility to damage by termites, carpenter ants, and other pests[/li] [li]The value of your home can be reduced by thousands of dollars[/li] [/list]