Does your house need a backup sump pump?

If you live in a flood prone area, or if the area around your home has a high water table, then it is certainly something to consider. This is especially true if you have a finished basement. Do you trust a single sump pump with its electric power source to protect all of your valuables? It can be very expensive to replace furniture, electronics, toys, etc. A backup sump pump can create enormous peace of mind and serve as important protection for your home.

About Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a primary defense for your basement against water. When water wants to seep or flood into your home’s basement, a sump pump will pump it out of your house. For a basement to be truly waterproofed, a sump pump is a necessity.

A sump pump is comprised of the following parts: pump, basin, switch, drainage pipe – and a motor that is connected to your house’s electrical supply. When water begins to fill the basin, the switch turns the sump pump on. This allows the sump pump to remove the water through the drainage pipe and out of your basement.

Why You Need Backup

The primary sump pump in your basement is powered by your home’s electricity. If electric service is interrupted, then the sump pump stops working. Think about how often your house loses power due to a heavy rain storm, high wind, or ice on wires. If your house does not have power, the drainage system in your basement will not work properly and water will overflow into your house.

Some kinds of backup sump pumps will also start working should the primary sump pump fail for any reason – even if your home still has power. There are several kinds of backup sump pumps.

A battery backup sump pump is the most affordable kind of sump pump. It works by running on a rechargeable battery as its power supply. This type of backup sump pump only works if your home loses power. It will not work if the primary sump pump fails for any other reason.

Another type of backup sump pump is called an AC/DC backup sump pump. This type of sump pump is connected to both your homes electrical supply and a battery supply. Because it has two sources of power, it will work when your home has power or when your home loses power. For example, if your home has power but the primary sump pump fails – either because it breaks or because it simply cannot handle the amount of water that is coming into your home – then the AC/DC backup sump pump will start to work. If your home loses power all together, the main sump pump will fail. In this case, the AC/DC backup sump pump will be activated by the battery power supply.

Finally, some sump pumps are designed so the primary sump pump and backup sump pump are combined into one. This is called a dual pump backup sump system. This system has two pumps though only one operates under standard conditions. If that pump fails, the other pump starts as backup help. The system is connected to the main electric supply in your house, but it also has a backup battery supply. This type of sump pump is the most modern and technologically sophisticated.

So does your house need a backup sump pump?

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