Waterproofing FAQ

Are you concerned about water damage in your basement? As some of the best waterproofing contractors NJ has to offer, we know that basement waterproofing can be confusing for consumers. Get your most pressing questions answered with this handy FAQ guide. Need even more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us, especially if you are looking for waterproofing NJ services.

How can I tell if my basement is leaking?

Your basement doesn’t have to be full of water for you to tell that there is a leak – ideally, you will be able to tell far before then. Common signs of leaks include water stains, condensation, cracks, or even just humidity. For more comprehensive information on signs of basement leaks, see our article on the top five subtle signs of basement leaks.

What are common spots for leaks?

Leaks can occur anywhere in your basement, but the most common places are natural weak spots. These include corners and openings for pipes.

Why should I fix basement leaks?

Even if a leak doesn’t seem like a big deal, you should fix it immediately. A visible water problem in your basement is an indication that your basement’s foundation has been compromised. If you don’t address the problem, it will only get worse and could result in a completely flooded basement with thousands of dollars in damage. And even a small leak can provide the moisture needed for dangerous molds to thrive.

How long does basement waterproofing take?

 This depends on what kind of waterproofing your basement needs. For most minor jobs, work can be completed in a single day. If you need large-scale repair work done, such as external waterproofing, work may take a few days.

 How can I tell if I need a professional?

 Luckily for you, this step is easy. Waterproofing Delran, NJ, along with the rest of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania, is our specialty. We always offer free inspections and estimates with no strings attached, so we can let you know whether your issue is one you can fix yourself or one that needs an expert. If you live outside of our area of coverage, look for a reputable waterproofing contractor in your area who is willing to provide a free estimate.

How much does basement waterproofing cost?

The spectrum of waterproofing NJ service costs is similar to the spectrum of car repair costs. They depend on the severity of the issue, as well as the size and state of your basement. Small services can cost just a few hundred dollars, while comprehensive basement waterproofing can cost a few thousand. Keep in mind, though, that any basement waterproofing services you purchase are an investment in your property and will likely more than pay for themselves in the long run.

What if the leak comes back?

This depends largely on how you fixed the leak in the first place. If you repaired it yourself and it came back, it may be a good time to call in professional help. If you hired a company to fix the leak, check with them. Many waterproofing contractors NJ plays host to provide limited warranties.

If you hired us for your waterproofing needs, you are well protected against future leaks. We backup our services with a rock-solid lifetime guarantee. If you ever experience water problems in your basement after we have worked on it, inform us immediately so we can restore your basement to a dry state, free of charge.