Memorial Day Weekend kicked off the unofficial start of summer, and in most parts of the country, the weather is finally warming up after a very cool spring. This change in weather conditions can lead to extreme heat as well as severe summer storms.

Here are some essential tips for getting your house ready for heavy rainfall and high winds:

Take Care of Your Trees

Now is a great time to take a look at your trees and see if there are any dead limbs that need to be cleared. You’ll also want to trim any branches that are close to your home that have the possibility of causing damage to windows or exteriors. Older trees have the chance of pulling out of the ground as well, and a certified arborist (a tree expert) can help you make the right decisions to save your trees and protect your home.

Clean Your Gutters

This time of year, your gutters can be filled with pollen, small twigs, even bird nests or spring insects. Make sure your gutters are clear and that the downspout drains away from your home. If gutters overflow or if the downspouts drain toward your home during summer storms, it can lead to basement flooding.

Secure Outdoor Furniture, Toys, and Plants

Strong wind can easily pick up and knock around lightweight patio furniture, yard toys, pool floats, and deck umbrellas. You’ll want to make sure these are anchored down or put away in anticipation of summer storms. These could become damaged or cause damage to your home or car during severe weather if they take flight. While you are at it, you should also make note of any potted plants that could tip over in high wind and move them inside or to a safe location during a weather event.

Check Fences

If your property has a fence of any kind, be sure they are properly secured into the ground ahead of summer storms. If not, they could be lifted out of the ground and be thrown toward your home, pool, or car during high winds.

Protect the Exterior of Your Home

Wind can be a major threat to the roof, windows, and doors of your home. Depending on the location of your home and the type of storm approaching (think: hurricane), then you should protect these critical areas with boards or possibly storm doors or shutters.

Keep the Interior of Your Home Safe

The inside of your home is filled with valuables. If you store anything in a basement, whether finished or unfinished, you’ll want to take measures to keep your basement dry. Store your valuables in waterproof containers, and make sure your basement is waterproofed. It is also a good idea to have an inventory of your home’s most valuable contents – jewelry, electronics, art – and have that list saved in a separate location or in the “cloud.” Finally, important documents like birth certificates and the deed to your home should be in a fire safe/ waterproof box or in a safe deposit offsite.

Enjoy the Summer!

And if you need any waterproofing assistance for your basement in anticipation of or following summer storms, just contact us!