Waterproofing in Cape May County

Waterproofing your basement in Cape May County, NJ, is one of the best ways to protect the home you’ve invested in. The basement can be a valuable space in any home, especially if it’s been renovated and given new life as living quarters or a work area for family members.

Waterproofing also helps you avoid costly repairs and structural damage and prevents mold and mildew growth.

Are there water marks on your basement walls?

Another simple way to spot the need to waterproof your Cape May County basement is if there are dark, streaky spots on your wall. This one is a big giveaway that water has been seeping into your basement.

Do you notice a musty smell in your basement?

If your basement has a musty odor, it’s time to call in your local Cape May County waterproofing experts. Damp basements encourage the growth of mold and mildew which have a characteristic musty smell. If you detect a musty odor in your basement, don’t ignore it.

Are there dark spots visible on your basement flooring?

Dark stains on your concrete are often a clear indication that your foundation may be leaking. If it is leaking, waterproofing will halt the damage and stop the floor from deteriorating any further. As the water infiltrates into the concrete, it causes it to degrade and break down, resulting in holes in the floor of your basement.

This also applies to dark spots on wooden floors. If your wood planks have dark spots, they may be rotting from water damage.

Is there a lot of humidity in the air?

It’s time to waterproof if the humidity in Cape May County is exceptionally high and you notice a lot of moisture in the air when you go into your basement. This could cause mold to develop if left unchecked.

Waterproofing will aid in the prevention of mold formation due to high humidity. To help limit moisture levels, you might also want to install a basement dehumidifier.

Is there water pooling on your Cape May County basement floor?

If there is water pooling on your basement floor, even if it only happens when there is rain or snow outside, it’s essential to address the issue immediately. Ignoring the standing water could cause severe structural damage to your home over time.

Is there mold growing in your basement?

It’s time to waterproof if you see dark-colored mold growing in sections of your basement or the crawl spaces beneath your house. It is also essential to monitor mold in your home to protect your health since mold spores can be harmful if they are present in large amounts. A local Cape May County waterproofing professional can assist you in installing a basement waterproofing system and crawl space encapsulation to prevent future problems.

If you detect any of these problems, It’s time to get the professionals in to waterproof your basement. Affordable Waterproofing has over 30 years’ expertise in waterproofing homes in New Jersey, so no matter what type of basement waterproofing solution, structural repairs, or mold prevention you need, we’ve got you covered.