There are many reasons and corresponding methods for basement waterproofing. For the majority of homeowners, the most daunting problems of all are structural repairs. These have to do with the structure and foundation of the house itself. Your home – your life – sits on top of this foundation.

At Affordable Waterproofing, we want to take away the apprehension and uncertainty that comes with the news that you need to fix the bones of your house. So we are going to break it down for you simply: cause and fix. But first a little background knowledge:

The foundation of your home is an underground structure that supports the house. It starts with the concrete and steel rod basement floor, called the footing. The exterior basement walls sit on the top of the footing and are built from the underground up. The rest of your home is built skyward from there. Over time, the ground around your home will settle – and shift with the seasons. It can expand during a rainy or snowy season, and it will contract once again when it gets dry. It will settle again. All of this puts pressure on the foundation.

Why do foundations crack?

All of that shifting and settling really creates enormous pressure on your home below ground. This will cause houses to sink lower and sometimes they even tilt to one side. (Anyone with an older home has experienced a slight slope in certain rooms.) As more pressure builds in the aging process, cracks and structural shifts will appear in the walls and floors. This leads to basement flooding. If the problem is bad enough, a home could be ruined.

What is the solution?

At Affordable Waterproofing, we have basement waterproofing solutions for the problem from both the outside and the inside.

Foundation Repair

When we repair the foundation of a home, we place support beams directly under your home’s foundation using special hydraulic lifts. This process allows us to put your home and its foundation back to where it belongs and corrects settling, shifting, and tilting. It’s a major fix, but as experts we do this all of the time. This is absolutely the most permanent method to get your house in place and your basement free of water.

Interior Wall Stabilization

To support foundation repair, we also offer interior wall stabilization. Sometimes the walls of your home’s basement need a little reinforcement. To do this, we use beams made of incredibly strong carbon fiber that will not bend or break — or steel. The beams span from floor to ceiling and provide excellent support. Once stabilized, your walls will no longer bow — and that protects against cracking. We then fix the wall and floor cracks that had appeared over time.

Next Steps

If you believe it’s time to take the next step and have your foundation and interior walls repaired, contact us. We offer complimentary home estimates. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and offer a step by step plan for repair. We will answer every question and offer you peace of mind.