If you’ve ever noticed that your home is shifting or settling, it’s probably because your house’s foundation and structural elements are deteriorating. Don’t ignore these signs, as major structural issues can cause severe damage to a home and can require costly repairs. Being alert to the symptoms of a problem with your foundation can help you seek professional help quicker and keep the costs and damage lower.

Here are three signs your home needs structural repairs:

1. Visible cracks in internal walls and ceilings.

Cracks in your internal walls and ceilings can have many causes. One of the most common causes that we see here at Affordable Waterproofing is water damage and high humidity. But another cause is an uneven foundation, and that can be a much more serious issue. Houses sometimes settle and sink deeper into the earth. They can even end up tilting to one side. As your home moves, deep cracks and bowing can develop in the walls, floor, and ceiling, and these can lead to basement flooding. Foundation shifting may have a devastating impact on your house, so taking immediate reparative action is critical.

Get any visible wall and ceiling cracks investigated so that you can determine the cause and take action to protect your property. A waterproofing expert will be able to repair or rule out any moisture problems and advise on any structural repairs needed.


2. Visible cracks in exterior walls

Interior wall cracks can be due to many reasons, but exterior wall cracks are almost always an indication of foundation failure. The soil shifts around under the house, and the structure adjusts to the movement, causing the brick siding to become uneven. Look for long, horizontal cracks when inspecting your home’s exterior walls. Vertical fractures are an indication that the wall is turning, which might indicate a problem with your foundation.


3. Uneven Floors

A shifting foundation will cause shifting floors too. Look out for soft spots in the flooring or uneven flooring, which can signify you need structural repairs. Uneven floors can also be caused by sagging beams, joists, or issues with water seeping into your home. Without inspection from a professional, it’s not always easy to identify the actual cause. Call a professional as soon as possible to uncover the problem and resolve it asap.

If your foundation needs repair, don’t wait! The longer you let the problem go on, the higher your repair costs will be down the road. Structural foundation repairs can be tackled from both the inside and outside your home. Support beams can help your home from the interior, helping it withstand bowing, cracking, and the other issues associated with foundation movement. Steel rods are driven deep into the ground, and strong hydraulic equipment is used to return your home to its original location, effectively eliminating the issue at its source.

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