When you have a leak in your basement, you might think that the best thing to do is tackle the problem from the inside. When people think of basement waterproofing, they often think of interior sump pump drainage solutions and perhaps even some waterproof paint.

However, interior waterproofing is often not enough on its own to tackle a persistent basement moisture problem. It’s only when adding a proper exterior waterproofing system, combined with your internal waterproofing, that people get their basement dry and keep it that way.

In fact, the International Building Code requires that your home has external waterproofing in order to prevent any structural issues arising as a result of excess water around your home. An exterior waterproofing system does this by sealing the foundation walls up from the outside, as well as adding water drainage around the home by directing rainfall water away you’re your foundation.

At Affordable Waterproofing, we look at the causes of your home’s water problem before deciding on the best type of waterproofing system for your property.

Some of the things we consider are:

Have the basement walls been sealed from the outside?

Your basement walls should be sealed from the inside, but it’s important that they are also sealed from the outside. Adding a non-porous waterproof coating to your exterior foundation walls is a simple and effective way to guard against leaks and improve the effectiveness of both your interior and exterior water management and drainage systems.

Does your neighborhood have poor general drainage?

If your local neighborhood has poor drainage, it could be that your area has a high water table. This means that the soil surrounding your home will have a high water content, causing excessive pressure on your foundation walls. Too much pressure can lead to cracks in the walls and the water will begin seeping into your home.

Even if the water table isn’t high, when the land surrounding your home slopes downwards, rainwater will drain toward your house instead of away from it. This water then adds a lot of pressure on your foundation walls that can cause cracks and lead to leaks and flooding.

What’s the best waterproofing system for your property?

An effective external waterproofing system will take all relevant factors for your property into consideration. It can include steps such as levelling the land to stop it draining down toward your home, while also adding an external pump or French Drain installation to keep water from building up around your home.

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