Waterproof paint sounds perfect. It’s easy to apply and it’s inexpensive. Surely applying it to your basement walls will solve your damp basement problem? Or prevent one from ever occurring?

Unfortunately not. While waterproof paint and coatings can play a part in the basement waterproofing process, they’re not enough on their own to keep your basement dry.

What is waterproof paint?

Waterproof paints are usually latex or oil based, and are designed to prevent moisture from penetrating your walls. They work by bonding with the concrete of your wall, to form a layer that prevent moisture seeping in.

In reality, these waterproof paints are often just thicker versions of normal paint with occasional additions like “encapsulated polymers”, that might help a little but won’t fully waterproof your walls.

Why waterproof paint won’t work

Waterproof paint is simply just not strong enough to counter the effects of moisture from various sources that attack your basement walls on a daily basis. If your walls are damp to begin with, the paint won’t adhere properly and won’t work at all. If there are existing cracks in the wall (no matter how tiny), or if any new cracks appear – the paint simply won’t work.

Waterproof paints will provide a small amount of protection if your walls are already dry and in very good condition. That protection won’t last long, and it won’t withstand a basement flood.

What about the warranty?

Lots of waterproof paints come with a warranty, which gives consumers more confidence in their claims. However, if you make a claim under the warranty, you will usually only get back the money you paid for the paint – and you’ll still have a damp basement. They also come with a lot of small print and various exclusions.

In contrast, at Affordable Waterproofing we offer a dry basement guarantee. You can depend on our promise of quality and safety – for a lifetime. If there’s ever a problem with any of the products or equipment we install, you can come straight to us for a resolution.


Damp basement? Call the experts!

If you’re dealing with a damp basement, it might be tempting to give waterproof paint a try. But in most cases, it’s a false economy. Why not get in touch with your local waterproofing specialists instead – and get your basement dry properly so that it will stay dry for a lifetime.


For the best basement waterproofing results, you should work with an expert like Affordable Waterproofing. With over 30 years’ experience and a Lifetime Warranty, you won’t find a better waterproofing company in New Jersey. Why not contact us today for a free inspection?