3 Reasons to Monitor the Humidity Levels in Your Home

Do you know what the humidity levels in your home are? It's something many homeowners don't think about, but monitoring and managing the humidity levels in your home can have lots of benefits. The ideal humidity is between 40% and 60% humidity. Air that's too humid, or air that's too dry can cause these three [...]

Top 4 Causes of a Leaky Basement in Winter

Luckily, spring is only around the corner, but there are still a few more weeks of winter left, and it’s important to stay vigilant for the typical winter causes of a leaky basement. With a little foresight, most of them can be tackled or prevented.

Here’s our list of the top 4 reasons that you might find yourself dealing with a leaky basement this winter.

How to Choose the Best Company for Your Waterproofing Needs

Your home is the biggest investment you make, and waterproofing your basement is an important step to protect your investment and make the most of your basement space. A dry basement can increase the value of your home, as well as allow you to make the best use of your basement space.   Here’s our handy checklist for what to [...]

How to Keep Your Basement Dry This Fall

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. Plaid shirts, the changing colors of the leaves, and the enticing aroma of pumpkin pie are just some of the things that make us happy when the colder months arrive. However, fall also brings its own special challenges when it comes to keeping your basement dry.

Warning Signs of a Wet Basement

Shopping for a new house? Be sure to fully inspect the basement. Basements, by the simple fact that they are built below ground, present the very good possibility of water infiltration or intrusion. What seemed like a dry basement when you were buying the house can become a wet basement overnight after you have moved [...]

Winter Waterproofing Basics

In the cold winter weather, many families and homeowners spend time in finished basements watching movies or catching up on television, using the home gym, or playing games. When it’s especially cold outside, a finished basement is an ideal place to escape the harshness of winter. In addition, winter is an excellent time for basement [...]

5 Tips for Waterproofing Basement Windows

Basement windows are a wonderful feature because they add light and fresh air to rooms. However, many homeowners often find water in their basements beneath their windows or dripping down the wall near them. Basement window leaks can seem like a small problem at first. However, a small leak can lead to major problems down [...]