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Basement Solutions: Backup Sump Pump

Does your house need a backup sump pump?
If you live in a flood prone area, or if the area around your home has a high water table, then it is certainly something to consider. This is especially true if you have a finished basement. Do you trust a single sump pump with its electric […]

Basement Solutions: French Drains

When you discover that water is seeping into your basement, take a look around both inside  ̶  and outside in your yard. If your home is situated on on a hill, or if your yard slopes at all, water may be draining poorly. Another possibility is that your home is located along the path […]

How Dry Basements Increase Home Value

Dry basements can greatly increase home value. For some homeowners, a basement is simply a place for storage and utilities. In other houses, a basement is an extension of the home’s living space – whether it is used as a playroom, an office, an extra bedroom, a home gym, or all of the above.

Whatever a basement is […]

Basement Solutions: Wall & Floor Cracks

Even in newer homes, basement wall and floor cracks are common occurrences. Unfortunately, they very often remain unnoticed by many homeowners until problems arise because of them. Cracks of every width, length, and depth can cause major structural and safety issues in a house.

The Problems

Homeowners that find basement wall and floor cracks face several […]

Spring Basement Flooding: Cleanup & Prevention

Spring showers bring beautiful flowers – and basement flooding.

When you combine the thawing of the ground and those spring rains, water can easily find its way into your basement. For many property owners, spring’s arrival often shows all of the unfortunate flaws in the foundation of your home or the grading of your land.

Coming home […]

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Know the Difference: Plumbers v. Basement Waterproofers

Imagine waking up one morning to find a few inches of water on the floor in your finished basement. Could a pipe have broken? Could it be a sewage back up from the outside drain that leads to the city sewer system? Or is it ground water issue?

Many new homeowners, especially those who have […]

Should I Waterproof the Crawl Spaces in My Home?

The answer of course is that the crawl space should be waterproofed as water can find its way into these areas and allow bacteria, mold, and other harmful contaminants to start taking over your home. The question is where you should waterproof on the inside or outside of your home.

The problem here is that […]

How to Identify Mold in Your Home

One of the greatest threats to a healthy home is mold and, it is important to know how to identify the different types of mold so that the appropriate eradication measures can be taken for each particular strain. The most common household molds include Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Stachybotrys otherwise known as black mold.

This can […]

Does My House Need a Sump Pump?

Before you decide if you need a sump pump, you must first know the importance of this device in your home. A sump pump aids in preventing flooding and eliminates moisture in your home. Everyone home no matter where it may be in the world will have some type of moisture in his or […]

Five Cold-Weather Tips for Your Basement

With November upon us, temperatures will start to drop soon. Snow is already falling in some parts of the country and weather in the northeast can get cold – very cold – very quickly. Now is the time to start getting your home ready for the upcoming hats-and-scarves season.